We performs restaurant bookkeeping services and produces Daily Financial Statements so that our restaurant owners have their finger on the financial pulse of their operations day to day, including supporting reports that analyze Sales and Costs for opportunities to improve. To ensure the accuracy of your Financial Statements, we perform daily bank reconciliations so any transactions that your team neglected or your bank incorrect charges are caught. Furthermore, we submit your VAT returns to SARS. Your restaurant budget will be accurate in supporting your financial goals.

  • A restaurant budget that is accurate and useful

  • Receive balance sheets, income & expense statements and general ledgers

  • Detailed Sales and Cost Analysis reporting

  • Item Analysis reporting

  • Sales Tax return filing and payment no matter where you operate

  • Budget vs. Actual reporting

  • Performance reviews to identify opportunities for financial improvement

  • Generate Cash Flow Statements

  • Generate Operational Balance Sheets

  • Comparative reporting after 1 year of service to see “now” vs. “the past”